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Conor Benn, welterweight contender, freely admits to failing “two” VADA drug tests months apart in a surprising interview with The Sun.

Benn was set to meet Chris Eubank Jr.

In a catch-weight bout earlier this month. The bout was called off a few days before the fight when the Daily Mail disclosed that Benn had tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance. The British Boxing Board of Control prevented the fight from taking place, forcing the match to be called off.

Benn’s agents attended at a meeting with the British Boxing Board of Control last week, and the fighter surrendered his boxing license.

Benn is now being investigated by UK-Anti Doping and the BBBoC.

Confirming findings from a previous Daily Mail investigation, Benn said in an interview with The Sun that he tested positive for trace levels of the female fertility medication clomifene in his urine during VADA drug tests on July 25 and September 1.

According to the Sun, Benn has refused to enable the BBBoC to release his data because of an ongoing disagreement over the confidentiality and jurisdiction of his VADA testing.

“I wouldn’t want to fight unless this is settled.” But should I be concerned with gaming the system? I don’t, therefore I won’t. But a part of me believes that if I’m being portrayed as the villain, I might as well be the villain. “I haven’t made up my mind yet,” Benn told The Sun.

“Whether I have a foreign license or not, I will not fight until this is settled.” It is not up to me whether people believe it or not. But there comes a point when you harden and say, ‘Fuck you, then.’ I don’t want to go there, but I also don’t want to be harmed by it. It’s awful having to cope with this at 26 after working so hard every day.

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“I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to fight again.” But I’m not going to let them win. I could get fit enough by compartmentalizing, switching off, and focusing on the workout. But I didn’t want to be the bad guy since I am completely innocent. I just want my innocence to be established. I’m not concerned with the Board. I could fight in another county in February, but it would give the impression that I am fleeing. I hope this has been resolved by then. It baffles me that people believe I cheated after watching me on TV for so long and knowing what I am like with my team, family, and father. “Am I a habitual liar?”

According to the article, a VADA test performed on July 25 yielded an unfavorable result near the end of August. Benn’s camp believed the test result was an accident or error. The second test was performed on September 1, and the positive test result for the same chemical, clomifene, which is used by males to increase testosterone levels, was received on September 23.

“When I was notified of the first failure, I said to myself, ‘It’s probably a flawed test.'” ‘We’ll get to the bottom of it,’ I reasoned. We’re still working on it. “We’re getting there,” Benn added.

“However, the way it’s been blown up has had a huge impact on me.” My innocence will be established. It must be. I passed all of my UKAD tests, which no one is talking about. I passed all of my examinations both inside and outside of camp. I’ve been a pro for seven years and have never failed a test.

“I joined VADA in February, so that doesn’t make sense.” So why would I take anything? Trace quantities were discovered. The smallest of traces. The only thing that comes to mind is infection.” Trace quantities were discovered. The smallest of traces. The only thing that comes to mind is infection. I didn’t take anything. I have never done so and would never do so. It’s not what I believe in, and it’s not what my team believes in. Why would I enter the most important fight of my life, sign up for VADA’s voluntary anti-doping program, and then take this substance? If you Google this chemical, you will discover that it remains in your system for months. “Do I appear to be an idiot?”

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