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Jay Chou, the reigning king of Taiwanese mandopop, has recently returned with his 15th studio album, which was published two months ago under the title “Greatest Works of Art.” This album is his first in six years.

He has now reached the highest rank he has ever earned in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Even though he is always working on new songs, he still finds time to play his favorite PC game, League of Legends. He also takes part in special LPL portions, which are a component of China’s League of Legends Pro League, and he even ranks up on the mobile version of the game.

Today, he recently achieved Master status in WR, and he was eager to let his 7.5 million followers on Instagram know about his achievement by posting a screenshot of the Master badge that is currently displayed on his feed.

Jay Chou eventually achieved Master rank in Wild Rift after hundreds of games

wild rift jaychou
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In his Instagram story, he stated, “Call me master, thank you,” and then went on to reveal that he had to play more than 3,600 rated games in order to reach this particular milestone.

He made the observation that the required number of gaming sessions to get this level is excessive, particularly for a League of Legends ambassador to do.

“Don’t you think that my level of expertise is excessive?” he joked.

After that, Jay Chou expressed his gratitude to Chang “SoCool” Bo-hsin and Yang “MapleSnow” Yu-wei for joining him in the duo line. They are presently coaches for ONE Squad, which is a professional women’s rugby team that was formed by Cathay Financial Holdings and Samsung Taiwan.

“If there is something you want to do, you should give it your all but… I have already attained the rank of Master. “I shall relax for a while,” he wrote in his Instagram post. “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

wild rift chou

In the Wild Rift ranking system, Master is the third highest tier, after Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond in ascending order.

The most professional players compete at the Grandmaster and Challenger levels, which are located above them.

According to Esports Tales, which obtains its data for charting players’ rank distribution from Riot Games’ Application Programming Interface (API), the majority of the player base is located in the Silver and Gold tiers. This places the mandopop star in the top 0.16% of all players in the globe.

Very impressive for someone who is 43 years old.

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