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For a time now in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Vale has been a go-to midlaner selection. He is simple to pick up and his combination is enjoyable to complete, especially if you use his ultimate, Windstorm, to take off five heroes.

He is without a doubt among the strongest team battle starters in the Land of Dawn. In all levels, he is the sixth most well-liked hero, per MLBB statistics.

Despite being a headache to deal with during the whole game, Vale has one glaring weakness: he is immobile. Here are three midlane heroes in Mobile Legends who can neutralize the Windtalker.

3 mages in Mobile Legends who can defeat Vale


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If Vale is in the midlane, Kadita is the best choice since the Ocean Goddess is adept at punishing heroes who lack mobility skills. A straightforward combo of Breath of the Ocean, Ocean Oddity, and Rough Waves is sufficient to knock anyone caught in the blast down, even without her core items.

If Vale uses Windblow to capture Kadita, she uses Ocean Oddity to escape while recovering HP owing to her passive Thalassophobia. As a result, Kadita doesn’t need to construct Winter Truncheon for this matchup.

She will now be able to concentrate on creating offensive magic items like Blood Wings or a Glowing Wand, giving her an advantage. Kadita is a challenging hero to master, but she’s crucial if Vale ever appears in your ranked battles.


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Once you have mastered Selena’s skill combinations, she becomes one of the midlane’s most powerful mage heroes. She has the ability to do damage from a distance and makes laning difficult for heroes without mobility.

She may utilize Abyssal Arrow to prevent him from chaining his combination, preventing the Windtalker from setting up moves. Vale players typically wait for an opponent to approach from behind cover of a bush before casting all of their talents. Fortunately, she has the vision-granting Abyssal Traps to prevent Vale from accomplishing that.

If the other side possesses an aggressive roamer like Franco or Atlas, you’ll have the hardest obstacle to overcome against Vale. Building Clock of Destiny and Winter Truncheon first is advised for Selena’s durability because she is one of the game’s squishiest characters.

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One of the most satisfying heroes to master in the game is Kagura. Against the majority of midlane heroes in the Land of Dawn, her mobility and damage output are outstanding. This is particularly true if you are up against foes that use crowd control to make plays, which describes Vale to a tee.

With Seimei Umbrella and Yin Yang Overturn, she may quickly mount a counterattack after canceling Windblow. Burning any remaining Battle Spell is his sole option in this predicament. In the middle to late game, Kagura’s combination nearly always results in a certain death, therefore this may allow him to flee in the early going.

Wait for him to employ Windblow or Windstorm if you are facing a defensive Vale player before engaging in a team battle. If you are behind the lane matchup, it is also an excellent strategy to obtain Athena’s Shield because it significantly reduces his burst damage.

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