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Dyrroth, Prince of the Abyss, is one of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s iconic fighters.

Dyrroth, who was previously unavailable in ranked games, is currently the ninth most utilized hero in the Land of Dawn, with a 2.12% pick rate across all levels, according to MLBB analytics.

Wrath of the Abyss, his passive, grants him healing powers. He also possesses a dependable gap closer in Spectre Step. His ultimate, Abysm Strike, is one of the strongest in the game, capable of decimating practically anyone with less than 40% health.

Thankfully, there are heroes who can prevent him from attaining his full power. If the Prince of Abyss is on the other team, here are three heroes you should choose in mobile legends.

Mobile Legends Dyrroth and its 3 hero counters


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The most simple-to-use hero to utilize against the Prince of the Abyss is Guinevere.

Her unique ability to combine Violet Requiem with Spatial Migration, which may cause incredible early-game damage, makes her stand out.

Guinevere can quickly escape a fight utilizing the invisibility feature of Spatial Migration if Dyrroth attempts to fight back. Guinevere can dash behind him to evade his ultimate and fight back if there aren’t any other foes around since Abysm Strike can’t lock a target.


okbet mobile legends argus

Argus mains adore Dyrroth’s devastating damage output.

Argus may use his ultimate, Eternal Evil, to turn the damage from Abysm Strike, which delivers greater damage the less health the adversary has, into HP.

Additionally, Argus will undoubtedly struggle to defeat Dyrroth in the EXP lane because his early-game damage is comparable to that of the Prince of Abyss. If you want to make Dyrroth suffer in Mobile legends, choose this hero.

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okbet mobile legends saber

Even the Prince of the Abyss doesn’t want to confront a level four Saber in the lane. After reaching level four, Saber can easily kill anyone with a full combo of Orbiting Sword and Triple Sweep.

Dyrroth will always be vulnerable due to the Enemy’s Bane passive, which lowers physical defense, even if he chooses to construct protective equipment to lessen Saber’s damage.

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